FAQ For Customers


What is HAKOVO’s e-marketplace?
HAKOVO’s e-marketplace is an online matching platform where customers (freight purchasers) can find cost effective logistics service providers for their ocean freight needs. HAKOVO’s e-marketplace intends to combine participating logistics service providers’ ecosystems into a single unified platform to make it easier for you to ship your cargo in just a few clicks, from cargo pick-up at the place of origin, customs declaration, ocean freight, and delivery to place of destination.
What types of product offerings are available on HAKOVO’s e-marketplace?
Currently, Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL) spot purchase is available for ocean freight. HAKOVO plans to offer longer term shipping contracts for SMEs in the future. We also plan to add airfreight, road and courier delivery so our marketplace can be the only place you need for international shipping.
Do you offer air freight service?
No. HAKOVO is only offering ocean freight service at this moment.
What is HAKOVO’s role?
We aim to facilitate the freight procurement, documentation, journey management and analytics for both customers and logistics service providers by providing an efficient communication and management platform. We also act as a payment agent for the logistics service providers.
How do I access HAKOVO’s e-marketplace?
Accessing HAKOVO’s e-marketplace is really easy. You just need to register on our website. Upon registration, you are free to search for quotes and make bookings with your selected logistics service provider.
What are the terms and conditions for my use of HAKOVO’s e-marketplace?
Please click on Customer Agreement to review the terms and conditions for the use of HAKOVO’s e-marketplace.
Is there any fee to use HAKOVO’s e-marketplace?
There is no fee to request and search for ocean freight quotes on HAKOVO’s e-marketplace. You will only have to pay if you have placed an order for a logistics service provider to handle your shipment.
How does eBid work?
eBid allows you to request for a quote for your shipment from a number of logistics service providers via our e-marketplace. After you fill in some basic information about your shipment, the logistics service providers will respond to your request within 1 to 2 business days (except for some difficult requests which may take additional time to respond). Once you have received your price quotes and service descriptions, you can choose to book with any logistics service provider, or select up to three (3) logistics service providers to refine their quotes within another business day.
Where can I ship from and ship to?
You can request for a quote for a shipment originating from anywhere in the world shipping to anywhere in the world, as long as the participating logistics service providers can handle it.
What kind of goods can I ship?
Currently, only dry, non-hazardous goods without temperature control will be accepted.
Can I track my shipment through HAKOVO e-marketplace?
Shipment status tracking will be provided very soon.
What if I only need a quote for one part instead of a complete shipping route?
You can ask for a quote combining local land transportation and ocean carriers (door-to-door, door-to-port, or port-to-door), or just port-to-port ocean freight
I accepted a quote. What happens after that?
After you have accepted a quote, you are required to make full payment of the charges stated in the quote. HAKOVO’s e-marketplace platform will direct you to the relevant page to make payment.

Logistics Service Providers

Who are the participating logistics service providers and carriers?
The logistics service providers on our platform have extensive experience servicing customers’ shipping needs around the world including LCL (Less than Container Load) and FCL (Full Container Load). Their strength is focused on Asia import and export, especially ASEAN countries. HAKOVO also monitors our logistics service providers’ performance to ensure that quality services are provided to the customers.
Can I communicate directly with the logistics service provider, and if yes, how?
Once the payment is made by you, the logistics service provider will contact you and you can communicate directly with them.

Duties and Taxes

Does my quote include everything? Does it include the taxes and duties?
The quote includes the prices according to the service you requested and the information provided by you on our Platform. We are not yet GST registered so we cannot list the GST in the quote. The quote does not include import duties and taxes.
Why does my quote not include import taxes and duties? How do I know how much import taxes and duties are payable and when I should pay for them?
Each country has its own rules and regulations on import taxes and duties. They also depend on the types of goods imported. Unless the consignor/seller and consignee/buyer agree on the DDP incoterm, the responsibility to pay import taxes and duties is on the consignee/buyer, and such import duties and taxes must be paid before the shipment can be released by the customs authorities at the destination port.
What if a logistics service provider does not satisfactorily perform its obligations in relation to a quote?
Hakovo monitors the performance of the logistics service providers participating on the Platform through feedback from our customers. In the event the service ratings of a particular logistics service provider falls below the minimum standards acceptable to Hakovo, Hakovo will take actions against such logistics service provider, including removal from participation on the Platform.


How do I pay?
You can pay online with Paypal or credit cards. You can also pay offline with bank transfer within 2 business days from the date of your order. Please note that your shipment will be automatically canceled if payment is not completed by then.
If I pay online, do I need to have a Paypal account to pay for the service?
No. You can pay with credit cards or bank transfer.
What currency does HAKOVO accept?
Currently, HAKOVO only accepts Singapore Dollars. If you choose to pay in another currency, your financial service provider (e.g. credit card company, Paypal, bank, etc.) will provide the exchange rate and may charge you transaction fees if applicable.
What happens after I have paid?
The selected logistics service provider will contact you to walk you through the steps you need to ship your cargo. They will confirm the space with the carrier and will also assist you with the required shipping information such as the classification of the shipment in accordance with the Harmonized System (HS) code, cargo pick-up details, document upload, etc.
Will I have to pay additional fees after I pay?
No, unless there are unexpected processing requirements due to erroneous or incomplete information submitted by you, e.g. incorrect volume, wrong number of line items specified, or inadequate preparation of the shipment prior to pick-up such that the logistics service provider would have to repack your shipment, or unforeseeable circumstances such as voyage cancellation by a carrier (which then requires reassignment to another carrier), and custom hold and inspection (collectively referred to as “Allowable Additional Charges”). For more examples of Allowable Additional Charges, please click Customer Agreement. You will be contacted in advance before any Allowable Additional Charges are incurred save for emergency situations. Where there are Allowable Additional Charges incurred or to be incurred, the details of such Allowable Additional Charges will be itemized in the invoice sent to you.


How do I cancel or stop my shipment?
You have time to cancel your shipment 1 business day before the cargo is picked up if pick-up service is requested, or 1 business day before the cut-off date if you deliver the freight to the agreed location at the origin port (hereinafter referred to as Grace Period). You will need to email the logistics service provider and support@hakovo.com to request for the cancellation. Outside of the Grace Period (i.e., after your freight has been picked up or delivered to the origin port location), if you want to stop the shipment from reaching to the consignee, you will need to contact the logistics service provider immediately.
Is there any cancellation fee?
There is no cancellation fee if you send us and your logistics service provider written cancellation within the Grace Period. We will refund all paid transaction cost to you within 14 days of cancellation. If you request the shipment to be halted outside of the Grace Period (i.e., after pick-up or delivery to the origin port location), additional handling and administrative fees may be chargeable and must be paid before the shipment is released back to you.


What happens if there are delays or damage to my cargo after I have tendered my cargo to the logistics service provider?
If your cargo is delayed or damaged, please contact the logistics service provider directly for assistance so that an investigation can be carried out. The logistics service provider would contact you after the investigation has been completed and take the appropriate action.


Who do I contact for general support issues on HAKOVO’s e-marketplace or questions/comments?
For general questions on HAKOVO’s e-marketplace or issues regarding billing, please contact HAKOVO Support. For operational questions concerning your booking or shipment, please contact the selected logistics service provider.